Can an Authorised User be added in our card?

Yes. An authorised user can be added in your card. You can avail this process by two methods, which are

  1. Online:- in this all you have to do is just sign in to your account
  2. Offline:- in this all you have to do is make a call to the number provided at the rear of your card

There are some conditions which you need to keep in mind while you add an authorised user to your account which is listed below:

  • You should be a principal cardholder
  • Must have the power of attorney
  • Small business account or is a subordinate cardholder

One should keep this in mind that you can only add the authorised user after getting the Capital one approval and not in the middle of the process of the application. The option for a co-applicant is open or say valid after you have unlocked your account.